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One of the best things about Our Pass is that it gives you free bus travel, right across Greater Manchester.

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Using your pass to access free travel

Got your pass? All new passes go live on 1st September. As soon as your pass is live you can use it to claim Our Pass Exclusives and, of course, to get free bus travel. To use your card on a bus, all you need to do is touch-in on the smart reader as you get on the bus. You don’t need to touch-out at the end of your journey, and you can use your pass on all local bus services in Greater Manchester.

Which bus and where

Your bus pass works on all buses across Greater Manchester. If you travel outside Greater Manchester, then you’ll need to pay for that part of your journey. Not sure what’s in and what’s out? Check the map here; the red line shows the boundary of Greater Manchester.

Using Metrolink

With Our Pass you can also buy half-price off-peak 1-day and weekend Metrolink travelcards. Off-peak travel begins at 9.30am on weekdays, or runs all day at weekends and on bank holidays. Touch-in and touch-out at the start and end of your journey (using the yellow smart readers at tram stops). Find out how to buy tickets using Our Pass.

Most used GM bus routes for Our Pass members

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Having trouble applying?

Applying for Our Pass is a simple process, when you know how. Read our guide to the application process, from finding out who is eligible, to what documents you need to hand when you apply.

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What is Our Pass?

Our Pass is a membership scheme for young people who live in Greater Manchester, and supports both school leavers and care leavers.

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