Take control of your inner voice with positive self talk

Everyone has that little voice in their head and it isn't always a kind one. Mike Nichols says we don't always have to be our own worst critic.

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Author and performance coach Mike Nichols asks 'Are you constantly putting yourself down with negative self talk?'

If the answer is yes then you might want to check out Mikes’ new book ‘Shut Up – 7 simple steps to master your negative self talk’

Mike Nichols is an English-based performance coach, noted for helping people understand what it really takes to improve performance and wellbeing. At the age of 17, he was voted the most valuable player of the England U19 basketball team and, went on to play at a high level in the UK so he knows how pressure feels and wants to help others get the best from themselves.

Mike says:

“We all have an inner voice – the little voice at the back of your head that delivers a running commentary on your life, your experiences, and your actions. Whilst you might not have been actively practicing self-talk, your inner voice has always been with you”

“Often, I have found that our inner voices have more of an effect on our lives and our sense of self than we think. Identifying your inner-voice and realizing what kind of self-talk you are engaging in is a good starting point for improving your self-confidence”

‘Shut Up!’ contains loads of interesting and helpful information on how you can take control of how your inner voice speaks to you and how to turn it from negative to positive.

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