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Need help with the new Our Pass Exclusives App?

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Need help with the Our Pass App?

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Q: What is the Our Pass App? 

A: It is an easy-to-use App for Our Pass Exclusives members to browse the latest offers, events, and discounts. These are currently available on www.ourpass.co.uk but with the app they are right in your phone. 

Q:  What does the App do? 

A: The Our Pass App allows members to sign in, browse the Exclusives offers apply easily for one the great offers such as free gig and theatre tickets, access to big sports events and free dining offers throughout the whole of Greater Manchester. 

Q:  Can I use the App to scan on to the bus and travel? 

A: For now, you will still need to use your physical Our Pass membership card to get your free bus and discounted tram travel and present that on the vehicles whenever you travel – that’s until future plans and enhancements to the Bee Network come into play over the next few years to provide tap in and out functionality via mobile devices.  

Q: How do I download the App? 

A: You can now download the Our Pass App from the Android App (link) and OS App (link) apps stores.  

Q: Do I need an Our Pass cards to sign in to the Our Pass App? 

A: Yes. As soon as you receive your Our Pass travel card you register for your Exclusives account using your Our Pass card number, date of birth and the Borough where you live. 

Q:  What are Our Pass Exclusives? 

A: Our Pass Exclusives are a range of free offers, discounts, and experiences for Our Pass members in Greater Manchester via the Our Pass website. Exclusives could take the form of discounts, free tickets, event access, retail offers, leisure offers and so on. Exclusives are all time-limited, and so may be available for a short period, or available for a matter of months. The details of timings and terms and conditions can be found on the individual listing on the website. 

All exclusives can be accessed via a dedicated web page: ourpass.co.uk/guide/exclusives. Exclusives are regularly updated and are promoted via email and the Our Pass social media accounts.  

 Q: I’m having problems signing into the App, what do I do? 

A: You can email us direct at Opportunities@ourpass.info or you can contact us through the website here https://ourpass.co.uk/contact/ and select ‘I have a question about the new Our Pass Exclusives App’ 

Q:  I’ve applied for an Exclusive offer on the App, what do I do now? 

A: Each Exclusives offer is different so you will receive an email confirming that we have received your entry and telling you what happens next. Our emails can get stuck in your junk / spam folder so make sure you check in there if you don’t see it. 

Q: Will the Our pass work on any phone? 

A: It depends on the model and the operating system on your phone. You can visit the app stores, select the Our Pass App and it should tell you if your phone is compatible. The oldest operating systems it will work on are Apple IOS 12,4 and Android 6 (Marshmellow)  

Q: Will it work on my iPad / tablet? 

A: The App is best viewed on a mobile phone and hasn’t been set up for tablet use, but you can still use your tablet visit ourpass.co.uk to view your Exclusives offers there.  

 Q: I’m having problems downloading the App, what do I do? 

A: If you are struggling to download any app your phone should always tell you what the problem is and tell you how to fix it, but these tips might help: 

  • Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi with a strong signal 
  • Check you have enough storage on your phone. If your storage is full you might have to delete some of those selfies or games to make some space. 
  • Check you have the most up to date operating system. You can find out more about that in your phone settings. 

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