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Hi, my name is Harriet and I’m 17 years old from Salford. I am an Our Pass member. My our pass card is so useful, I go everywhere with it: to college and back, meeting up with friends and to get into town.

Hello Harriet! 

Tell us about your business!

My business is called ‘Kidcore Jewelz’. I sell colourful and funky beaded jewellery including necklaces, rings and phone charms. My jewellery is quirky and bright and would add a little pocket of sunshine to any outfit. The jewellery can be personalised and either have a specific colour combination or a random pattern.

Where can we find you?

I sell my jewellery on Depop and Instagram. On both platforms my username is @kidcorejewelz. I am hoping to open an Etsy account in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for that!

How long have you been running your business for?

I started my small business in January when the country went into national lockdown #3.

I wanted some jewellery for myself and my sisters so we could all have matching necklaces! It was so fun to make that I thought perhaps I could make and sell some and make some money to save for university! I’m hoping to go to Queens University Belfast in September to study International Relations and Politics.

How did you get started?

When starting up my business YouTube was a massive help for me. There was loads of helpful videos about what materials you need and just general information and advice about setting up a small business. I also asked my friends and family about their personal preferences and what they would like to see from a small jewellery business.

What are you most proud of?

If I had to pick one item from my small business that is my favourite it would have to be my random pixie necklace. I wear it with most outfits and it really spices up my outfit.

I really love that I can wear jewellery that I’ve made myself – it makes me feel creative and independent.

What is the best part of your business?

I love having a small business because I meet lots of new people – customers and other small businesses. All of my customers are so lovely and they always give me really kind reviews. I’ve made friends with a few local small businesses and we share and swap advice, it’s really nice to have people to talk to who are in a similar situation to you. Since starting my business I’ve learned how to manage my time and I’ve gained additional experience with interacting with customers.

Do you have a top moment to share with us?

A top moment from running my business has got to be when I got my biggest order. One lovely customer had ordered 5 necklaces and they were all very different and so fun to make! The customer also had a small business so it was really great to get tips and advice from her.

What advice can you give to other young people in Greater Manchester?

If I had to give any advice to other business that are starting up, it would be to be organised, and to message other small businesses that are similar to the one you will be setting up and ask for any tips or advice!

Everyone I’ve spoken to has been really friendly and super helpful!

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What is Our Pass?

Our Pass is a membership scheme for young people who live in Greater Manchester, and supports both school leavers and care leavers.

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