Made It: Anne's Jewels Co.

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For our very first Made It feature, we spoke with Anne, 16 from New Moston, who is an Our Pass member and runs her own small business, which she set up during lockdown.

Hi Anne, great to meet you! You run a little side business called Anne’s Jewels Co. where you design and make bespoke jewellery for your customers.

Tell us about your business!

I currently sell necklaces and earrings but I hope to expand to rings and bracelets in the near future! You can find me on Depop and Instagram @annesjewelsco… I’m also currently developing my business Facebook account – Anne’s Jewels Co.

How long have you been running your business for and what inspired you to set it up?

I been doing this since the end of November 2020, so about 4 months. I really love arts and crafts, and making things was something I did before. I just really wanted to find something where I could use my craft and this was the perfect solution!

I randomly thought of the idea in my room… I just wanted to see if I could make any money while doing something that I love during these difficult times!

Have you had any support to help you set up your business?

I watch a lot of YouTube videos and TikToks about small businesses to help me gain a basic understanding, and when I post my items on Instagram, my friends really support me by sharing all the time, which has helped me gain even more followers! There is a jewellery business owner @ceo.liv on Instagram, who has shared her ideas on how to start and improve businesses – her videos have really helped and inspired me too.

My mum was also really generous to give me a starting budget of £50. Although I had to really compromise when I found out buying my inventory was quite pricey!  

What do you like most about your business?

I generally like crafts, using my hands a lot and making anything so this project has really been beneficial to me.

Honestly, in my head at the start I thought my products would come out quite tacky and boring (which I think is a fear for a lot of small businesses), but they came out really nice and a much higher quality than I first thought! I love how overall my products create an image of elegance and simplicity and the fact they can be personalised too.

What have been your favourite moments since starting Anne’s Jewels?

Well, the majority of my first customers were my close friends, so I really appreciated their support and it makes me so happy to see them actually wearing their items, and not only in school but public places as well!

I think the best thing is when multiple people re-order from me again, it feels very refreshing that they really enjoy my products!

My VERY top moment is when I finally got an order from outside Manchester – Wales! I was really excited and confused but generally extremely happy and I’m glad they love the item!

Do you have any advice for other young people in Greater Manchester who might want to do something similar?

Every step of the way has been rewarding and particularly I feel like my first order will always be my favourite reward!

I’d like to see more young people like me try something new – it doesn’t have to be business-wise! It’s really important for our mental health to have something on the side we can escape to from time-to-time. So if you don’t have one I recommend to find a hobby!

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