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Supporter: Bolton Community Leisure Trust

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Opportunity Provider: Bolton Community Leisure Trust

Enter below for a chance to win a free 'boditrax' session in February 2020 at any participating venue in Bolton, including:

  • Horwich Leisure Centre
  • Jason Kenny Centre at Bolton One
  • Westhoughton Leisure Centre
  • Farnworth Leisure Centre

One winner will be selected each month.

- What is boditrax? It’s a body composition tool. It measures over 20 different key metrics related to your body and how healthy it really is.
- What kind of things does it cover? Here’s just a taste of what you’ll get from a single 30 second session: Metabolic Age (if this is higher than your real age, you probably need to work out a bit harder), Muscle mass (the weight of all the muscle in your body), Fat Mass (the weight of all the fat in your body), Muscle Distribution (readings for each arm and leg, plus for your abdomen)
- Is it easy to use? Just step on the machine, hold the handles and you’re off.
- Why should I use boditrax? Boditrax measures and tracks, so you can clearly see your progress and start setting realistic goals. And you’ll get a much clearer picture of how healthy you really are.
- How can I access my data? You’ll be able to access all your figures from any device via the boditrax website or app.

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