Before you get started... be ready, save time!

The first 1000 successful new applications from 1 July 2020 will receive an exclusive Our Pass face mask. It's the most stylish way to help keep yourself and others safe in public this summer.

Following our tips will help you complete the application form quickly and reduce the risk that your application is rejected.

If your application has already been rejected, and you need to change your photo or add a new proof of address or date of birth document, read the guidelines below and then follow our step-by-step guide to updating your account.

What you’ll need

1. An email address (we’ll use this to send you updates on your application and for your new Our Pass account, where you can access all the scheme benefits).

2. A passport style photo to upload, which will be printed on your card:

  • using a camera phone or digital camera, ask someone to take a passport style, colour photo of you against a plain background
  • make sure it’s just your head and shoulders, with a plain background
  • photos of photos or blurred photos will not be accepted.
  • The best format for your photo is .jpg – if you have any problems, check out our photo format tips.

Good and bad examples of how to provide a photo

3. Proof of your date of birth

  • To be eligible, this needs to be between 01.09.2001 and 31.08.2004.
  • Use a photo, scan or colour photocopy of a document* with your date of birth on it.
  • Good examples are your birth certificate or passport.
  • Make sure it’s nice and clear and shows the whole document or page.

Full list of acceptable proof:

  • passport
  • driving licence
  • birth or adoption certificate
  • NHS medical card
  • biometric residence permit
  • Validate UK ID card
  • EU/ EEA ID card
  • HM forces ID card

Good and bad examples of how to provide proof of date of birth 1

Good and bad examples of how to provide proof of date of birth 2

4. Proof that you live in Greater Manchester

  • Use a photo, scan or colour photocopy of an official letter with your address on it.
  • Good examples are your mobile phone bill or a letter from HMRC, with your NI (National Insurance) number. If you haven’t received your NI number, visit the official website to find out more and request yours.
  • We don’t accept letters from your school or college.
  • Show the whole letter, so we can see the letterhead AND your address.
  • You can blank out any sensitive information.

Full list of acceptable proof:

  • letter from HMRC or government agency e.g. Department for Work and Pensions OR one of these, issued in the last three months
  • letter or statement from your bank or building society (you can download statements from most online banking accounts)
  • utility bill
  • mobile phone bill
  • driving licence

Good and bad examples of how to provide proof of address

5. A valid payment card (for the £10 administration charge).

  • Have your payment card with you, so you can see the details on the front and back.
  • Make sure you know the billing address for this card.

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